Hibernating, migrating and adapting are the three things that animals can do to face cold winter temperatures. Come check out our Special Selections this month to find books about different animals and how they adjust to colder weather. We even have a several fun fiction books that feature popular Arctic and Antarctic animals like polar bears, walruses, orca whales, and penguins. Here are a few of the books you will find on the shelf.

Preschool – 2nd Grade

Frog is excited and ready for winter until Owl informs him that frogs hibernate during the colder months. Frog tries to think of several different ways to stay with his friends instead of sleeping in the mud for 139 days and missing out on all of the winter fun. Young readers will be entertained by the illustrations as well as informed about hibernation. Frog’s overly dramatic responses will keep you laughing through the long, cold winter. 

Sing and learn about penguins, polar bears, seals, reindeer and many other Arctic and Antarctic animals. The rhymes and rhythms of this story make it easy to remember important characteristics and facts about these creatures. The book comes with a CD and a link to the publishers website so that young readers can listen and read along. The end of the book contains lyrics, sheet music, a glossary of information, additional resources and suggestions for guided reading activities. This is a great book to  learn more about these cold climate animals. 

3rd Grade – 6th Grade

If you are a fan of the “Claude” series by Alex T. Smith then you will want to check out the first book in the humorous “Mr. Penguin” series (Book 3 will be out in May of this year). Mr. Penguin looks like your average, everyday, ordinary penguin. He is not. He is a Professional Adventurer in search of an exciting, intriguing, danger-filled escapade . When he finally gets a call from Boudicca Bones, the owner of the Museum of Extraordinary Objects, he knows that his ultimate adventure is about to begin. With the help of his trusty assistant, Claude the spider, they set off to find a lost treasure before the jewel thieving O’Hoolihan boys get to it. 

The intricate illustrations and the fascinating fold out pages provide countless and detailed information about the animals that occupy the Polar Regions. Each fold out page has a key to identify all of the animals that are represented. The following pages contain numerous smaller illustrations and facts about each animal and how they relate to their cold and fierce habitat. There are some illustrations that depict carnivorous animals catching their prey so sensitive readers be aware. Explore and learn about the wildlife that lives on the land and in the sea at the opposite ends of the earth.  

The Poles
by Bernard Stonehouse

Find these books and more in our Special Selections area of the Children’s Department at the library.

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