Books to Promote Social Emotional Learning

Social and emotional learning (SEL) has always been a significant part of a child’s development. Last week the Wall Street Journal published an article about the importance of SEL which is “the process by which children learn to understand and manage feelings, develop empathy for others and acquire problem-solving skills.”  With remote learning and the ever changing reality, teaching and practicing social and emotional skills are both extremely challenging and vitally important. … Continue reading Books to Promote Social Emotional Learning

Under the Sea

Are you holding on to the last bits of summer? Do you want to enjoy the sights of the ocean without getting sand everywhere? Do you need some ideas for helping your student with learning at home? The new Special Selections in the Children’s Department is full of books about the ocean and creatures that live there.  … Continue reading Under the Sea

Promote Summer Learning (And Have Fun!)

Before I started working at the library I was a school teacher for 18 years. At the beginning of each school year I would spend  4-6 weeks assessing and often reteaching material that was covered the year before. This year parents and educators are especially concerned about lost academic gains due to the extended quarantine at the end of school.  Good news! There … Continue reading Promote Summer Learning (And Have Fun!)

Dig Deeper, Read, Investigate, Discover!

Summer Reading is here! It may look different from past summers, but the emphasis is still on digging into some great books and fun summer experiences.   You can earn tickets for reading (books, audio-books, newspapers, magazines, or even bedtime stories),  going on scavenger hunts, writing book reviews, creating a nature journal, writing a story and much more! These tickets can … Continue reading Dig Deeper, Read, Investigate, Discover!

Celebrate Earth Day

April 22, 2020 marks the 50th anniversary of the first Earth Day held in the United States. Since that time it has become a world wide movement to remind ourselves and each other to do things that help our environment. During the past 50 years, steps have been taken to make our communities safer places to live. The air is healthier, the … Continue reading Celebrate Earth Day

Full STEAM Ahead

During our last STEAM Science and STEAM Science Jr. clubs we constructed our very own Rube Goldberg machines. Rube Goldberg was a cartoonist famous for drawing complicated inventions to complete simple tasks. It is estimated that he drew over 50,000 cartoons in his life time! We looked at some of his cartoons and watched a … Continue reading Full STEAM Ahead