Join Our Hat Parade!

I love hats! All kinds of hats! One of my favorite stories to read and to tell is Caps for Sale by Eshyr Slobodkina. It is timeless story about a cap peddler and some mischievous monkeys. This month we are celebrating all of the fun and important ways that we cover our heads. Here are some more books you may want to check out.  Tiara's Hat Parade … Continue reading Join Our Hat Parade!

Amazing Women

March is Women's History Month - a time to honor and celebrate the contributions and impact made by women throughout the history of our country. In the Children's Department our Author Spotlight is recognizing award winning authors and illustrators. Some of the most prominent awards for children's literature are the Newbery Medal awarded for the … Continue reading Amazing Women

Vote To Read!

This month the "Special Selections" in the children's area features books about elections, United States presidents and our government. Young children can learn more about making choices as a community, having a respectful disagreements, and the importance of working together. Older children can learn about the process and history of elections, interesting facts about our … Continue reading Vote To Read!

Books to Promote Social Emotional Learning

Social and emotional learning (SEL) has always been a significant part of a child’s development. Last week the Wall Street Journal published an article about the importance of SEL which is “the process by which children learn to understand and manage feelings, develop empathy for others and acquire problem-solving skills.”  With remote learning and the ever changing reality, teaching and practicing social and emotional skills are both extremely challenging and vitally important. … Continue reading Books to Promote Social Emotional Learning