Joy of Missing Out: Being Present in the Moment, Giving Yourself Space to Do Exactly What You Want, and Skipping Activities That Aren’t Authentic to You (ie., the Opposite of FOMO-Fear of Missing Out)

This description of the Joy of Missing Out can be found on the cover of the new book JOMO by Jessica Misener.

In her new book Jessica Misener reminds us of the joy of missing out. Think of the times when a child’s game is cancelled, a meeting is re-scheduled, or the ever popular snow day. The feeling is instant relief. There is a bit of delight just knowing that your time is now your own.

We often use this extra unexpected time to catch up on household chores or do things we think we “should” get done. This book gives us 350 + prompts to do otherwise. To use this time for joyful and sometimes silly activities. The mix of suggestions are engaging, amusing, and entertaining. Some of her ideas include: dream big, master the moonwalk, learn to play chess, be lazy, start a blog, have paper airplane battle, soak up a loving memory, send an email of gratitude.

The lovely thing about this book is it gives us a glimpse of what we could be doing. We have so much of our time that is already planned. When we are in our usual schedule we think of things we would like to do. Like bake that cake or color with our child. When we get a bonus moment that is usually not what we do. JOMO is a good reminder that there can be great joy in missing out.

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