Welcome again to Third Thursday Treasures! Often, this blog features staff member reviews of their favorite books.  This month, we are featuring a book recommendation by Lila Simmons, a former circulation assistant who recently moved on to a new position. We are very grateful that she honored us with one last review.

The Mom Project: 21 Days to a More Connected Family by Kathy Lipp, with Cheri Gregory and Erin MacPherson is designed to create deeper family connections through twenty-one activities. This book has two features that set it apart from other books of its kind; a personality test for each kiddo and bonus suggestions for parenting teens.  This is a fun and adventurous time especially for stepparents or a single parents. There’s a note to dads in the front. But while this book is geared towards moms in Christian families, don’t let this deter you from utilizing these activities to bring your family closer.

Publisher’s Summary: The Mom Project: 21 Days to a More Connected Family offers a straightforward, workable plan to connect with your children outside your regular routine and find ways to understand and enjoy them. Learn how to assess, nurture, and appreciate their unique personalities, and strengthen your relationships as individuals and as a family. Includes tips for single moms, blended families, and moms of teenagers.

The personality test is my favorite part of book. There’s a quiz to determine which of the four personalities your little one has. Then, throughout the book, she gives suggestions for making the activity even more special for the child based on their personality! How cool is that?!

Each section is organized as followed:

  • Activity – introducing the activity
  • How to – explains how to do the activity
  • Make it fun – tips on making the activity more appealing to the children
  • Make it work – tips for overcoming challenges
  • Personality types (4) – at the end of each chapter there are instructions for special ways to connect with your child
  • Parenting teens – suggestions for connecting with teens
  • Being a stepparent – suggestions for leveraging the activity if you’re a step parent
  • Being a single parent – suggestions for maximizing the activity if you’re a single parent

Having a teen and two tweens and living in the age of technology where two-year-olds have smartphones, I’m really looking forward to digging into some of these activities and bringing our family closer.

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The Awakened Family: A Revolution in Parenting by Shefali Tsabary, Ph.D. New from the New York Times bestselling author comes a radically transformative plan that shows parents how to raise children to be their best, truest selves. Part One: A New Awakening; Part Two: Our Parenting Myths; Part Three: Understanding our Reactivity; Part Four: Transformative Parenting Skills.

Tsabary tackles many topics including invisible triggers, fear, expectations, engagement, chaos and stillness, mindfulness, emotions and feelings, and judgement versus empathy.

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