In the spirit of supporting a shared positive outlook, today’s suggestions promote a general sense of peacefulness and happiness – just like pie.

The first course is an appetizer: Paul McCartney’s most recent album,
Egypt Station – and not just because I’m a fan. I went looking for something to listen to and was put off by all of the synthesized music and over-processed voices. Produced by Greg Kurstin who also produced Adele’s Grammy-winning 25, McCartney includes a balance between acoustic, electric, and digital instruments and never disappoints.

Egypt Station by Paul McCartney

Egypt Station begins with a lovely ballad, “I Don’t Know,” but true to his roots, he includes a variety of styles from rock to samba to silly sex songs.

Other favorites include “Dominoes” and “Despite Repeated Warnings” a 7-minute mini-suite not unlike “Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey” from Ram

“The thing that Kurstin brings to the table is a refinement, letting McCartney’s ideas shine incandescently while also revealing that a record this clever isn’t tossed off, it’s crafted in every respect.”

Erlewine, Thomas,

Continuing the metaphor of a delicious meal, the entree and side dish are the free event Happy Retreat and the new non-fiction title Donothing: The Most Rewarding Leadership Challenge You’ll Ever Take by Rob Dube.

Although the Happy Retreat last weekend was canceled due to snow and slick roads, patrons can still attend the next one, Sunday, Jan. 27, at 1:30 PM. This class for adults and teens will teach the process of “How to” Meditate, concentrate, find purpose, and let go of past hurts. Consider it a mind “getaway” without having to pack a suitcase! Happy Retreat is there to give people a sense of hope by giving them tools to use in everyday life.

Donothing: The Most Rewarding Leadership Challenge You’ll Ever Take by Rob Dubé is a book that targets business leaders, but can be a resource for stay-at-home parents, caregivers, or anyone who must balance many responsibilities.

Dubé discusses his experiences with mindful meditation and his understanding that the more we do, the less control we really have.

And of course, it’s pie for dessert with Erin Jeanne McDowell’s The Fearless Baker – Simple Secrets for Baking Like a Pro.

The Fearless Baker – Simple Secrets for Baking Like a Pro.

Happy listening, reading, meditating and cooking! Susan C.

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