Each month we invite patrons to Meet the Staff. This month, we shine the spotlight on Jessi Baker, our new Program and Social Media Coordinator.  Although she’s in a new position, Jessi has been at OFPL since October, 2017 where she began in Circulation.

Jessi BSince I am fairly new, patrons may know me as the girl who always has different hair!

I have had a myriad of jobs before joining the library because I have SO many interests! Many patrons recognize me from my previous position as Manager at Palm Beach Tan in Shiloh. I have also worked as both a Judicial and Legal Secretary (my degree is in Paralegal Studies), a Medical Receptionist, Beauty Advisor, Tasting Room Attendant at a winery…I have even worked at an apple orchard! Out of all of my jobs, this has been one of my favorites. We all truly act as a family and it makes even the busy days fun. I have wanted to work at a library since I was 6 and saw Beauty and the Beast for the first time.

I am originally from a small town near Carbondale, Illinois, called Carterville, population less than 5,000. Growing up, our very small city-residents-only library was nothing like the O’Fallon Public Library. While growing up in a town similar to Mayberry had its charm, I relocated to the St. Louis region in 2011 and proudly consider this area my home.

As far as interests, the staff here will tell you I identify as a very old soul. I enjoy music from the 1950’s to the late 1970’s, with a few 80’s through current hits thrown in. I also enjoy early 2000’s rock. I am definitely a KSHE listener. My very favorite band is The Beatles. I even have three tattoos that are Beatles lyrics.

I do not watch many movies, I usually watch television shows. My favorites would include Grey’s Anatomy, The Office, Parks and Recreation, Trueblood, Modern Family, Broad City, RuPaul’s Drag Race, The Magicians, and American Horror Story. I have too many favorite books, so to list a few: The Bell Jar, Gone With the Wind, Harry Potter series, Scott Pilgrim vs the World graphic novels, The Help, and The Great Gatsby.  If I had to describe my personality, I would say I am a mix of Leslie Knope and April, with a touch of Cristina Yang.


I also enjoy visiting vintage confectionaries, antiquing and thrifting, gardening, traveling, Skyview Drive-In, old diners, Halloween/Fall, and spending time with my pets.

I have three rescue animals that live with me, two cats and a dog. They are Oliver, Little Bit (Bits), and Stella. I have put countless hours into rehabilitating all three, and it has been extremely rewarding.

Little Bit

I also have a dog, Max, that lives with my parents back in Carbondale. He is the goofy looking tan Pug/Jack Russell mix. If I won the lottery, I would immediately open an animal rehabilitation center on a big piece of land. I am that person who takes care of all the stray animals in the neighborhood (currently feeding a baby deer, raccoon, and 4 cats).

Max (left) and Stella
Max & Stella


While I truly miss seeing all my favorite patrons when I worked in Circulation, I love that I now get to interact with patrons on our Facebook page and Instagram! We have such witty and interactive patrons that it really is fun.

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