Each month we will take the opportunity to introduce you to a Library employee.  This month, Susan Cantonwine shares some of her background and whimsy.

I began at the library in July 2016, as a library assistant in Adult Services after having been a middle school teacher for ten years. I was ready to try something a bit different. I’d been a patron since my husband was stationed at Scott AFB in 2001.  The staff was exceptionally helpful and kind, so when I saw an opening, I applied.

Every minute I’ve worked here has been a joy.  The patrons are so gracious and patient; my coworkers and superiors are smart, clever, and creative.  Plus, they laugh at my lame jokes.  But, knowing that I have the opportunity to help people is the best part.  Usually, I’m helping someone solve a computer problem or providing guidance regarding a confusing website. I also have the opportunity to read newly published books and write about them for the New Title Tuesday blog.

SusanI don’t really have hobbies other than reading, listening to NPR (Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me especially when Paula Poundstone is on), and catering to my cat Pookie’s every whim.

My current favorite website is the Eagle Cam Live Feed in southwest Florida.  I got hooked last year and followed the eagle family as the parents incubated the egg and then cared for the eaglet E-9 until it left the nest to start its adult life.  As of this writing, Harriet has laid one egg and the site moderators are hoping she’ll lay another within a day or so.

There is no possible way to identify a favorite book, it’s would be disloyal to all the books I’ve loved before.  However, there are a few that never cease to bewitch and inspire.  One that comes to mind is The Velveteen Rabbitanother favorite is Charles Dickens’ A Tale of Two CitiesMore modern titles that have kept me spellbound include A Tale for the Time Being by Ruth Ozeki and Paul Beatty’s The Sellout.  

In a world where movies are made about average people who attempt unsuitable endeavors, the one that would most resemble my life would probably be Miss Firecracker starring Holly Hunter.  But, it could just as easily be Crimes of the HeartBoth of these movies are based on plays by Beth Henley.

Velveteen Rabbit      Tale of Two Cities     A Tale for the Time Being   The Sellout

Miss Firecracker   Crimes of the Heart



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