Leaving the Southwest of America, the setting of most of her previous books, Barbara Kingsolver delves into the deepest part of the Congo in this story. Meet Nathan Price, Evangelical Christian preacher, who takes his family on a life-changing trip to Africa to spread the Good News. Told from the vantage points of Nathan and his wife and each of his four children, we see the 1950’s Congo through many different age perspectives.

We see Nathan, who will do anything to convert the people of the Congo to Christianity, even if his actions are somewhat fool-hearted. We see his wife, Orelanna, and how she is stuck in abusive relationship with Nathan with no way to escape. Each of the four children provide a different vantage point, from five-year-old Ruth’s curious wanderings of a foreign place to Rachel, the eldest, who is so consumed with her own life and worldview that she has no space for newcomers.

A story that has both political musings and moral implications, 7244will leave you thirsting for more.

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