writing-groupAlthough I love to write, I find it is often the lowest priority on my to-do list. I need the structure and routine of a writing community. This provides a designated place to think and consider, explore, create, learn and teach – yes, even the ‘amateurs’ have something to teach.

I can’t think of a better setting than the recently remodeled O’Fallon Public Library with its quiet study spaces, busy Marketplace, and the outdoor patio (weather permitting). Not to mention free Wi-Fi, infinite resources, and computer availability.

In the O’Fallon Writing Group you can:

  • join a diverse community of writers and readersgroup
  • have a voice in shaping the group’s structure and practices
  • write individually or in a partnership
  • share your writing within your comfort zone
  • connect with group members through a dedicated, private Facebook page
  • have the option to include your work in a O’Fallon Writing Group Anthology, blog, or public sharing for families and/or friends

Informational Meeting: Sat, Feb 11; 10:30 – 11:30 AM (subsequent meeting times may vary based on group member availability)

Click here to register, express interest, or learn more.  You may also call (618) 632-3783.

Who Can Benefit?

We offer Experienced Writers: We offer Beginning Writers:
·  Resources and supportive feedback for a ready-to-tell story or a work in progress

·  The opportunity to respond to appropriate reflective writing prompts or challenges

·  The opportunity to experiment with different formats or styles

· Guidance and support on getting started

· The opportunity to explore and create writing in various forms and styles

· Supportive individual and group feedback

· Resources to grow as a writer

It’s not like I’m plotting the next great American novel, far from it. I simply feel better when I hold that pen and feel it move across the page. Now, research explains why. According to Karen A. Baikie and Kay Wilhelm authors of “Emotional and Physical Health Benefits of Expressive Writing” in the journal, Advances in Psychiatric Treatment

Longer-term benefits of expressive writingpad-and-pencil

  • Fewer stress-related visits to the doctor
  • Improved immune system functioning
  • Reduced blood pressure
  • Improved lung and liver function
  • Improved mood/affect
  • Feeling of greater psychological well-being

What we ask of you:

  • Come prepared to write and occasionally share your work
  • Be willing to provide constructive feedback to group members following established protocols
  • Bring your own writing materials (favorite pen, paper, etc.). Bring your own laptop if you wish.
  • Bring a flash-drive if you plan to use a computer (your own or one of the library’s PC’s or laptops). FYI: The library sells 2G drives for $2 and earbuds for $1.

We hope you can join us for the first meeting.

Happy Writing!  Susan C. and Keli T.

Who We Are

O’Fallon Writing Group co-facilitator Keli Tucker holds an MA in English from DePaul University and works as an English Specialist at Southwestern Illinois College’s Success Center. She has 3 years of experience as a writing tutor, and has worked with writers of all experience levels writing in multiple genres, including dissertations, memoirs, science fiction, poetry, and digital composing.

Co-facilitator Susan Cantonwine is a certified language arts educator in Illinois and Missouri. She was a founding fellow in the Piasa Bluffs Writing Project and facilitated writing workshops for educators as well as students. While a stay-at-home parent, Susan worked as a stringer for the Dayton Daily News and was a free-lance columnist for the Honolulu Star Bulletin.

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