ofallon-weeklyIn case you missed last week’s OFPL column in the O’Fallon Weeklyif not, here’s your chance to catch up on the hard work performed by the volunteers Friends of the O’Fallon Public Library.

Join us for the next Friends of the O’Fallon Public Library Book Sale: Saturday and Sunday, November 5 and 6

First, we want to thank everyone who supported us by attending our book sale last weekend.  Volunteer Suzanne Rupright shared a behind-the-scenes look at what happens when you charitably donate your books.

First, the ‘Friends’ check if the book is needed in the Library’s collection.  If so, then it is passed on to the cataloguer and prepared to go on the shelf.  If it’s not added to the Library’s catalogue, Rupright said, volunteers investigate the potential for selling it online for a minimum of five dollars.

Over the last five years, Rupright explained, “… our Amazon selling has expanded to sending shipments out four to six times a week, with the listing and shipping team spending several hours on the job each week. We’ve sold everything from vintage science fiction, Harvard classics, military history, and graphic novels. Just recently we sold a 1985 World Series Program. Some books sell the same day they are listed, some take a year. If you are buying book on Amazon, please always look for us, the O’Fallon Friends.”

Books that don’t make the cut for online sales, are sorted and stored for the next Library Book Sale.

“We try to always find an appropriate home for a book,” Rupright said.  “Many books that we can’t sell are sent to Better World Books, a non-profit that promotes World Wide Literacy. After the May Sales, leftover books have been donated to local charities, in 2016 the charity was Savers.”

You can support the O’Fallon Library in a variety of ways.  Volunteer and become a ‘Friend’ or shop our sales.

Or, you can donate the following:

  • Books (no mold or water damage please)
  • CDs, DVDs, audio books on CD, and LPs

 We cannot accept:

  • Encyclopedia Britannica or World Book sets
  • Cassette, 8-track, or VHS tapes

And don’t wait, pick up this week’s O’Fallon Weekly on the news-stand each Wednesday.

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