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The title says it all, doesn’t it?

Lauren Scheuer’s book Once Upon a Flock: Life with My Soulful Chickens explores her heartfelt and often humorous experience with raising chickens in her backyard.

As can be imagined, her husband wasn’t exactly thrilled when she had the bright idea one afternoon to build a chicken coop.  Yet it wasn’t long before she and her entire family fell in love with their hens.  Lucy, Hatsy, Pigeon:  each chicken has, oddly enough, its own bright, unique personality that comes pouring off the page.

The memoir is just over 200 pages and full of pictures and drawings, so it’s a quick, easy read reminiscent of The $64 Tomato.  Scheuer goes into detail about the crazy antics her animals force her into, and it’s not hard to fall in love with each stubborn chick immediately.

Honestly, the book’s just adorable.  If you’re looking for a heartwarming read, and maybe a laugh or two, give it a go.  This is one of Paula’s favorites, so you should definitely check out some of her other suggestions as well.

Thanks for reading!

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