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What if nature revealed a crime…buried beneath 25 years worth of snow?

Detective Chief Superintendent Konrad Simonsen finds a woman whose murder has been committed nearly three decades ago, but the crime looks eerily similar to ongoing homicides occurring in the present.  The case becomes even more entangled when it becomes clear that some of the top names in government are involved in the wintry cover-up.

The Girl in the Ice was written by siblings Lotte and Soren Hammer, both from Norway.  The unique writing situation, as well as foreign setting, make this thrilling novel…well, novel.  The siblings are most well-known from their first novel, The Beast Within, published in 2010.

The work is translated from the original Danish, but the beauty of the writing remains even after all is said and done.  Fans of thrillers, action stories, and crime novels will all find something to love in this book.

Our new novels are now located in the Marketplace, downstairs in the center of the library.

Thanks for reading!

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