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Sometimes the amount of information available out there seems overwhelming, especially when it comes to pregnancy.  There’s a million questions, and sometimes just as many answers–often conflicting.  The Pregnancy Encyclopedia attempts to put all the information in one convenient location.

Should caffeine be avoided?  How long does morning sickness last?  What’s the best nutritional plan for my situation?  These questions and more are answered in ten detailed, easy-to-read chapters, written by top doctors and obstetricians across the globe.

The book just came out this year, meaning the information is as up-to-date as possible.  It’s organized in a Q&A format, so the information comes across as friendly and helpful instead of overwhelming.

If you’re interested in being more informed about the decisions you’ll get to make, check it out.  All new books are located downstairs in our new Marketplace section.  Or, be sure to talk to our staff so we can help you find other helpful resources to help you through this exciting time.

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