Five Star Friday War Dances by Sherman Alexie

While waiting for Sherman Alexie's newest title, my Five Star Friday recommendation is War Dances, the 2010 winner of the Pen/Faulkner Award for fiction.  While we have many titles of of his to choose from (see below), this collection of short stories, poems, and short works is one of my favorites. Publisher's Summary: Sherman Alexie delivers a … Continue reading Five Star Friday War Dances by Sherman Alexie

We've all heard the debate.  Movie or book?  Maybe it's the librarian in me (or maybe it's just the truth), but 99% of the time, I prefer the book.  I think it comes with the disappointment of knowing that what comes on the big screen won't match the details you've reconstructed in your head. However. … Continue reading


It takes a special kind of writer to portray humor and horror in the same breath. Chances are you've heard of Joseph Heller's Catch-22.  It's known as something of an enigma; though it covers a very serious topic (war) with vivid detail and intense emotion, the absolute absurdity of everything going on makes for some laugh-out-loud … Continue reading Catch-22