Famous Friday

This week I would like to discuss Joseph W. Schmitt. He was born and raised in O'Fallon, Illinois. Before discovering his career with NASA, he worked at a barber shop in downtown O'Fallon while furthering his high school education and then joined the Army Air Corps. Schmitt's father, Benjamin B. Schmitt of O'Fallon, had been … Continue reading Famous Friday

Famous Friday

Today I would like to discuss William Franklin Beedle Jr. and his lasting legacy in the cinema. Perhaps almost every resident of O’Fallon already knows of his existence. Within the celebrity realm, he was known famously as William Holden. His contribution to Hollywood and the history of O’Fallon is beyond fascinating. As a long term resident of neighboring Breese, I … Continue reading Famous Friday

Promote Summer Learning (And Have Fun!)

Before I started working at the library I was a school teacher for 18 years. At the beginning of each school year I would spend  4-6 weeks assessing and often reteaching material that was covered the year before. This year parents and educators are especially concerned about lost academic gains due to the extended quarantine at the end of school.  Good news! There … Continue reading Promote Summer Learning (And Have Fun!)

Animal Crossing

Even if you are not into video games, you may have heard something about Animal Crossing New Horizons for the Nintendo Switch. It released on March 20 – just as Illinois (and many other places) were ordered to shelter in place.   Conceptualized and developed before the pandemic, New Horizons is the newest in a series of relaxing life-simulation games. You play … Continue reading Animal Crossing

Dig Deeper, Read, Investigate, Discover!

Summer Reading is here! It may look different from past summers, but the emphasis is still on digging into some great books and fun summer experiences.   You can earn tickets for reading (books, audio-books, newspapers, magazines, or even bedtime stories),  going on scavenger hunts, writing book reviews, creating a nature journal, writing a story and much more! These tickets can … Continue reading Dig Deeper, Read, Investigate, Discover!