Author Spotlight: Celebrating Asian American Voices

This month's Author's Spotlight in the Children's section of the library, is focusing on books about Asian Americans and written by Asian American authors. It is often said that books are like mirrors and windows. Mirrors help reflect familiar experiences and surroundings while windows open readers up to a whole new awareness of other people … Continue reading Author Spotlight: Celebrating Asian American Voices

OFPL Staff Recommends Halloween Films Part 1, Kasey K.

Tis the season for getting nervous about what might be hiding in the dark spaces. And it's perfect weather for honoring the Halloween tradition of scaring the tarnation out of ourselves. Here we offer Part 1 of Kasey's Halloween Extravaganza - a line-up of film titles ranked according to fright-potential. When you see her, ask … Continue reading OFPL Staff Recommends Halloween Films Part 1, Kasey K.

Mystical Traditions-Witches and Sankthansaften

As we progress further into October and approach Halloween, I thought it might be interesting to talk about another holiday that revolves around magic and witches. In America, we typically think about witches and even dress as them during the month of October as they are closely associated with Halloween. However, the end of June marked a holiday known as Sankthansaften, or Saint John’s Eve … Continue reading Mystical Traditions-Witches and Sankthansaften

Vote To Read!

This month the "Special Selections" in the children's area features books about elections, United States presidents and our government. Young children can learn more about making choices as a community, having a respectful disagreements, and the importance of working together. Older children can learn about the process and history of elections, interesting facts about our … Continue reading Vote To Read!

Books to Promote Social Emotional Learning

Social and emotional learning (SEL) has always been a significant part of a child’s development. Last week the Wall Street Journal published an article about the importance of SEL which is “the process by which children learn to understand and manage feelings, develop empathy for others and acquire problem-solving skills.”  With remote learning and the ever changing reality, teaching and practicing social and emotional skills are both extremely challenging and vitally important. … Continue reading Books to Promote Social Emotional Learning