Animal Crossing

Even if you are not into video games, you may have heard something about Animal Crossing New Horizons for the Nintendo Switch. It released on March 20 – just as Illinois (and many other places) were ordered to shelter in place.   Conceptualized and developed before the pandemic, New Horizons is the newest in a series of relaxing life-simulation games. You play … Continue reading Animal Crossing

Dig Deeper, Read, Investigate, Discover!

Summer Reading is here! It may look different from past summers, but the emphasis is still on digging into some great books and fun summer experiences.   You can earn tickets for reading (books, audio-books, newspapers, magazines, or even bedtime stories),  going on scavenger hunts, writing book reviews, creating a nature journal, writing a story and much more! These tickets can … Continue reading Dig Deeper, Read, Investigate, Discover!

Celebrate Earth Day

April 22, 2020 marks the 50th anniversary of the first Earth Day held in the United States. Since that time it has become a world wide movement to remind ourselves and each other to do things that help our environment. During the past 50 years, steps have been taken to make our communities safer places to live. The air is healthier, the … Continue reading Celebrate Earth Day