Coming Soon!

The Friends of the Library are hard at work.  For any of the one hundred people who attended their Lincoln Speaker Series event in April, or the over 2,000 people who shopped at their recent book sale, you are likely already aware of the group’s next initiative. 

The Friends, in partnership with a private donor and State Construction, are creating an Outdoor Activity Space on the northwest corner of our lot!  You can see a prototype in the image below. 

The Outdoor Activity Space will consist of a 30-foot by 30-foot concrete pad, covered by an all-seasons shade structure.  A new sidewalk will connect the space to the existing sidewalk to provide easy access. 

With this space we will hold a ton of outdoor children’s events.  Everything from story time and STEM activities to messy projects we’d prefer to hold outside.  The space, while primarily created with kids in mind, will be flexible enough for other purposes too.  Perhaps an outdoor book club?  Perhaps study space on a beautiful day? 

Overall, we’ll be able to hold more kids per event than we currently can inside.  What’s more, we’ll still be able to utilize that indoor space for other purposes while the outdoor space is in use!  It truly is a win-win for the library, and for you, our wonderful patrons.

Stay tuned for more updates as the project progresses. 

Prototype of the new Outdoor Activity Space
From left to right: Rich Gorazd (president of State Construction), Tom Beckmann (project manager), and Ryan Johnson (library director) in front the build site
Materials for the shade structure arriving at the library

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