This year celebrates the 35th anniversary of recognizing April as the Month of the Military Child. It was set apart by the Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) because of the importance of military families and children in the armed forces. The library is honoring the sacrifices that children make so that their parents can serve our country. We have a display where military children can pick up a special pencil and where all children can get a button and tell about all of the places they’ve lived. We also have a special selection of books about different branches of the military and what it is like to be a military child. Here are some of the books that are featured.

H is for Honor by Devin Scillian

“Wherever Americans fight for freedom they very quickly learn, F‘s for the families, first and foremost, who wait for their return.” H is for Honor is a beautifully illustrated book that was written with military children in mind. It simply explains a lot of the terms they will grow up hearing. This is an excellent book for anyone wanting to learn more about military life.

Brave Like Me by Barbara Kerley

Filled with full color pictures, real feelings, and simple text, Brave Like Me is another wonderful book to share with young military children. It shares the joy and pride as well as the fear and sadness that families feel when a loved one is deployed. The end of the book has a world map that shows where all of the pictures were taken. It also has tips on dealing with separation, ideas for caregivers, and additional resources.

Max: Best Friend, Hero, Marine by Jennifer Li Shotz

From the publisher: When Justin’s older brother, Kyle, is killed in Afghanistan, Justin can’t believe that his brother is really gone. Except there’s one thing that Kyle left behind….

Max is a highly trained military canine who has always protected his fellow soldiers. But when he loses his handler and best friend, Kyle, Max is traumatized and unable to remain in the service.

He is sent home to America, where at first Justin has no interest in taking care of his late brother’s troubled dog. However, the two learn to trust each other, which helps the four-legged veteran become his heroic self once more.

You may want to check out the movie Max after reading the book.

Army Brats by Daphne Benedis-Grab

This will be the Bailey children’s first time living on base. They have just moved to Fort Patrick where they meet new friends, have run-ins with the base bully, explore a haunted old building, rescue some dogs, and find their way into and out of trouble.

Army Brats is a wonderful adventure of 3 children and the experience they have in their new home. While any middle grade reader would enjoy this book, there is enough about the unique life on base to make this book a favorite of military kids.

Find these books and more in the Special Selections section of the Children’s department.

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