Welcome to the Tax Filing Season for 2021!

AARP TaxAide will again be providing tax preparation services at the library following the IRS and Tax-Aide guidelines. Due to the continuing COVID pandemic, we will be offering only a drop-off tax return preparation service similar to last year. You will still be required to schedule an appointment using this form or by calling the library at 618-632-3783.

Please ensure that you have all the required documentation (examples listed below) needed to do the tax return prior to arriving for your appointment. If you are missing any of your tax documents, please either call the library or go on-line to cancel your appointment and to reschedule. We cannot work on your tax return unless you have all of your required tax documents.

Also please complete all of the applicable worksheets in the online packet (also available for pickup ahead of time at the library) prior to arriving for your appointment. Importantly, you (and your spouse if applicable) MUST sign the IRS Form 14446 (included in the packet) to give us permission to retain your tax documents while we are working on your return. We cannot start your return until this form is signed by you (and your spouse if applicable).

We have restrictions on the number of people we can allow in the tax preparation areas in the library. Therefore, on the day of your appointment, please do not arrive prior to 5 minutes before your scheduled appointment time and do not bring any children or other persons (other than a spouse or caregiver) with you who are not needed to complete your interview.

You will meet with a counselor who will check your identification, go over the Intake and Interview Sheet with you and ask questions as needed to get an accurate picture of your tax situation. The counselor will then complete, with you, an inventory of all the documents we will be retaining to complete the tax return. Your documents will be stored in a locked, secure storage cabinet when they are not being used to prepare or review your return.

We will schedule a time (normally about 2 working days later) for you to come back to review and sign your tax return and return all the documents to you.

Documentation needed (bring all that apply to your situation):

  • Photo Identification for taxpayer and spouse
  • Social security numbers for all persons listed on the return, including dependents (either social security cards or documentation from the Social Security Administration showing the numbers)
  • Forms W-2 from all jobs held during 2021
  • Forms 1099 showing all retirement, miscellaneous, business, unemployment benefits, state tax refunds, or other income
  • End of year consolidated brokerage statements (Forms 1099-B)
  • Forms 1098 showing mortgage interest paid or tuition and scholarship information
  • Documentation for deductions if you expect to itemize rather than take the standard deduction
  • Documentation of income and expenses for any self-employment
  • Any other documentation showing income or expenses on the Intake and Interview Sheet
  • IRS Notice 1444 C, showing 2021 Economic Impact Payment or the amount of the payment (PDF iconworksheet in the packet)
  • Voided check if you want direct deposit of a refund or direct payment of an amount owed
  • Your last income tax return filed

While this year again presents challenges brought on by the pandemic, we are dedicated to providing you with the best tax preparation service we can. By following all of these instructions, we should be able to complete your tax return quickly and correctly.

We look forward to seeing you at your appointment.

AARP TaxAide Team

Note: Masks are currently required for everyone over the age of two.

For more information and appointment help, see the library’s tax resource page: https://ofpl.info/taxes

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