Do you have questions about Medicare? Medicare can be a confusing yet necessary service for so many.

Get answers to prepare yourself at a free Medicare Question and Answer seminar presented by Jon Burgmann of the Burgmann Insurance Group. The event will take place at 6pm Thursday, October 21, in the first floor Community Room at O’Fallon Public Library.

This event is not a sales presentation and specific personal recommendations will not be discussed. You do not have to be an O’Fallon Public Library card holder to attend nor is registration required.

For questions regarding this event, please contact Heidi at or call 618-206-4344.

Meet Our Presenter

Jon has over 12 years of experience in the health insurance industry and has conducted Medicare education seminars at O’Fallon and other local libraries for years. He also teaches Medicare classes at local universities.

From Jon’s About page on the Burgmann Insurance Group website: “I am passionate about my family and my work. With my wife Michelle, we try to raise our two sons (Sam age 19 and Jacob age 10) to become respectful and responsible members of the community.

Having a proper work/life balance is essential to my success. We have a corgi that barks at me when I enter the house, then wants to sit on top of me on the couch. We also have three cats that are determined to wake us up before we would like. Jacob loves Minecraft and Legos. Sam is my Lacrosse star with a heart of gold. I could not ask for a better family.

My business passion is about finding creative ways to help clients. I base my approach toward business on three simple concepts:

  1. Always leave someone better off than when you found them. Education comes first. So many times I have conducted a policy review with a new client only to discover that they don’t understand the products they have purchased. An educated client will always make the right decision.
  2. Tell someone what they need to hear, not just what they want to hear. No amount of wishing can overcome a bad decision. Sometimes that means encouraging my client to keep what they have, sometimes it means suggesting alternative products, and sometimes it means explaining that they will not reach their goals on their current path. I would rather have you know and understand the reality of your situation then continue the dream only to be surprised later. The good news is that even if you don’t like what I reveal about your current plan, we can always find ways to improve and get back on track.
  3. Build relationships. 80 percent of Americans don’t have a personal relationship with their insurance agent. I want to change that. It is not the things we leave behind that mark our lives as a success, but the lives we touch and the impact we have had.”

Can’t make the library event but want to learn more about Medicare?

Check out “Medicare & You: An Informational Video Series for People with Medicare” from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), the government agency responsible for Medicare, Medicaid and CHIP information.

The series has 46 different videos with topics ranging from understanding your Medicare choices to the appeals processes and more.

For even more information, their website can be found at

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