Picture puzzles, like the riddles found in I Spy books and the hidden pictures in Highlights magazine, are a lot of fun and have many educational benefits. Picture puzzles help with visual discrimination skills which are essential for reading. Solving picture puzzles improves memory skills and increases a child’s vocabulary. They also engage reluctant readers and they help to build confidence and increase attention span. We are having all sorts of fun in January with picture puzzles. There are several activities online and at the library. Click HERE to learn more. We also have a variety of picture puzzle books on our Special Selections shelf. Here are some old favorites and some new soon-to-be favorites.

Pour through pictures from the book that started it all. I Spy Spectacular includes 13 favorite picture puzzles from the original book plus some new favorites. Go on a hunt through a flower garden. Have some fun with a fun house mirror. Enjoy searching a train stop made of toys. This book provides hours of delight for all ages. At the end of the book there is the story of how these books came to be.

The very first Where’s Waldo book was released in 1987. It took author/illustrator, Martin Hanford, two years to create the detailed drawings found throughout the book. Where’s Waldo: The Wonder Book, is one of the more challenging books in the series about Waldo and his friends. In this book they go on imaginative adventures through dreams and fantasies. The amazing illustrations and fun hidden extras will keep kids (and adults) entertained for hours.

Two children and their Grandad want to go to the park, but first they need to find his socks and his spectacles and even his teeth! The monochromatic, detailed illustrations make the search for Grandad’s items even more of a test. His cluttered house contains many treasures to be found every time you open the book. If you enjoy The Lost House, you may want to try The Lost Picnic, The Lost Christmas and The Lost Cousins.

For our very youngest readers, we have several picture puzzle board books. In the Look & Find, Clever Baby series the pictures are bright and relevant to a young child’s world. While reading In The Park children are asked to find everyday objects like wheels, birds, shoes, and more. Children are also asked to count items and answer questions to increase vocabulary and problem solving skills. Here are some other books from this series you can find at the library: Animals, At the Zoo, and Things That Go.

Check out our website or stop by the library to find many more picture puzzle books and to participate in all of our exciting (and educational) I Spy with My Little Eye activities.

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