During this Halloween season its fun to get cozy and watch some eerie and creepy movies. The type of films that make you sleep with the lights on!

Come in and check out one of the 25 Scariest Movies displayed in our cafe area.

Some of the most terrorizing feature films are on the shelf.  You can see if your favorites

are listed or  check out something new. Although I agree with most of the movies selected

there are two more that I find extra frightening.

The first is The Conjuring.


This movie is based on the the true case files of Ed and

Lorraine Warren. They were true paranormal investigators.

The movie is an account of their experiences at a secluded

farmhouse attempting to help a family rid their home of

 supernatural spirits attempting to hurt them. The opening

scene grabs you when two young women describe their fear

of a doll they found named Annabelle. They reach out to the

Warrens for assistance. Their descriptions of the doll and her efforts to harm them are

strange and frightening. This movie does not disappoint. If you want quality jump scares

along with vicious suspense this one’s for you!


My next choice is The Changeling.


This motion picture is a classic haunted house story.

The movie was originally released in 1980 and stars

George C. Scott. The story begins with the main character,

John Russell, moving into a Victorian Mansion.

What follows are unexplained sounds and mysterious

clues. This leads him to find a hidden room in the attic.

Where he discovers a creepy old wheelchair.

What comes next is a story that is not easy to forget.

Truly this is a suspenseful  movie with a lot of scary scenes but also an intense storyline.


I hope this list of scary movies along with my recommendations give you a lot to watch

during this ghostly season.  Happy Haunting!



More frightening features:





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