Feeling nostalgic for 1970? Or need a tv show with more strong women as leads? You might like Good Girls Revolt. Follow the women of News of the Week as they fight for the right to rise above mere researchers and into the male-only roles as writers and reporters. Their battle takes careful planning, trust, and a lot of bravery, but together, the women of News of the Week find more power in numbers as they transform their own careers and maybe even their entire ways of thinking.

Image result for good girls revoltIf you like historical pieces that are as entertaining as they are informative, Good Girls Revolt might be the show for you. From casting to content, to wardrobe and props, this show seems to get everything right in order to immerse viewers into the time and place, 1969-1970 New York City. We see glimpses of women’s meetings, New Year’s Eve at the famous Chelsea Hotel, the postal strike, and the impact of the Vietnam War, and decent from protests for peace to outcries for justice.

This tumultuous time is not only reflected in national events, but the inner lives of the characters themselves. The most important realization that the women of News of the Week conclude is that they can have so much more out of their lives, their careers, their relationships than they were ever told. Even hip Patti, immersed in the counterculture, must awaken to the injustices right under her nose. Still, it proves a hard fought battle to gain justice and equality.

Clever, creative, and empowering, Good Girls Revolt makes for one of my favorite programs. After watching it a second time with a friend, and as its relevance rises, I’m hoping for another season to be announced soon.

In the meantime, you can enjoy this show on Amazon Prime and if you don’t have a subscription, you can check out one of our Roku streaming devices preloaded with Netflix and Amazon.

And if you’d like to read the book first, you can request it here!

Eleka S.

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