Each month we will take the opportunity to introduce you to a Library employee.  This month, Adult Services Manager and avowed pizza lover, Renny McBride, shares some of her background and past-times.  Renny joined us in June, 2017, replacing Ryan Johnson who is now the Assistant Director. Oh, and her favorite color is blue.

I have an undergraduate degree in history and my masters in library science from the 1 RennyUniversity of Illinois (which happens to be the number one program in the country!) Before this position, I’ve been an archivist, a local historian, and an adult services librarian.

I enjoy planning events and programs for adults, and I wanted to be more than just a regular ol’ librarian to someone in middle management.

I really enjoy the staff here! They are so supportive and fun and funny. They really make it a joy to be here every day!

I always say my favorite book is the one I’m currently reading. I have an hour commute each way to work (from O’Fallon, MO), so I’ve been listening to audiobooks. Just finished both of Lauren Buekes’s books (The Shining Girls and Broken Monsters)

I don’t really have a favorite film, but some I’ll watch a billion times: The Princess Bride, My Cousin Vinny, The Blues Brothers, and Pitch Perfect. (I know these are totally all over the place!)  I don’t really have a favorite book either, but a few that I’ve really enjoyed include: The Three Musketeers, Gone with the Wind, The Giver, Ready Player One, Fangirl, and Bossypants.

Renny Meet the StaffI like to crochet and knit, but am better at crochet. I’ve made a bunch of toys and scarves. I wish I had more time to work on crafty things, but my three year old son thinks he can help. He can’t!

If you ask me what my patronus would be, I would say Grumpy Cat, but others would probably say something like a butterfly because I am social and like to be around people all the time.

I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve, so I don’t think there is much that would surprise anyone! I am very loyal and passionate about life. I love to tell funny stories and joke around, although some people don’t always get my dry sense of humor or sarcasm.

If you need cheering up, come find me!


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