ofallon-weeklyIn the O’Fallon Weekly this week, Assistant Library Director Ryan Johnson informs readers about the many free resources patrons can enjoy in addition to the books, DVDs, magazines, and CDs.

The library has a trove of digital resources, Ryan said, and he spotlights a couple of his favorites that patrons may not know are available and free: Rosetta Stone and BrainHQRosetta Stone language learning software allows users to login from virtually anywhere for the opportunity to learn over 30 languages starting at beginner, intermediate, or expert levels.

From the OFPL website, click on Research and Rosetta Stone is under the Reference and Research section. At the end of this post, there are some screenshots to follow if you need additional assistance, or you may come into the library and see Adult Services for help. brain-hq-brain-training

You’ll find BrainHQ in the Health & Wellness section of the Research page.  Ryan said “BrainHQ helps people be at their best throughout their lives by providing brain training software clinically proven to improve cognitive performance.


“I can personally tell you,” Ryan said, “the brain exercises are fun challenging, and addicting!  You’ll get a special sense of accomplishment as you conquer new levels and beat your high scores.  All the while, making you sharp as a tack.”

In addition to our modern high tech resources, you may not know that we also offer fax service.  While patrons can scan and email documents for free from our copier – or scan and save documents to a flash drive, many government agencies, utilities, and others rely on faxes.

If you need to send a fax, the first 3 pages are free, and it’s one dollar per page after that.  We have cover pages available.

Hall of Authors Nov 2017 (002)_editedAs always, we have many events for all ages.  One upcoming activity for kids is the Hall of Authors on November 28.  Authors Jeff Weigel, Dan Killeen, and Jennifer Ward will read from their books at this family fun event sponsored by the Lewis and Clark Reading Council and the Future Educators of America at Lindenwood University.

For all other events, including holiday craft projects, visit our website and Facebook page for special activities as well as holiday closings.

As always, you can check out our weekly column in the O’Fallon Weekly each Wednesday online and on newsstands.


To find Rosetta Stone from the OFPL Website:

  1. From Home Page, click on Research

Website 1

2. Click on Reference & Research

3.Website 2

website 3

4. Click on Rosetta Stone Library Solution

website 4

5. Enter your email address and create a password.  Choose a language to learn.

website 5


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