The second season of Stranger Things comes out next weekend on Friday the 27, just in time for Halloween.

But wait, you don’t have a Netflix subscription to watch it?

Come into the library to check out one of our Roku streaming devices with Netflix already downloaded!

But what is Stranger Things about? 

Stranger Things follows four kids in Hawkins, Indiana, that go from riding their bikes and playing Dungeons & Dragons in their spare time to searching for their missing friend, Will Beyers, and uncovering a mystery involving a government compound that they can see just through the woods, where the supernatural emerges.

On their search for their missing friend, they meet a few unlikely friends that help them in their search, but in order to bring back Will, they’ll have to confront the very thing that took him.

If you grew up in the 80’s and want to experience some serious nostalgia, Stranger Things does an excellent job at bringing back those memories. Or if you’re like me and didn’t live through the 80’s, it’s amazing to see the set and wardrobe in the series because they took a lot of care to make it as accurate as possible.

Even though it is a science fiction horror, it has a lot of charm in the detail, from the kids’ Schwinn bikes, the boxy cars and trucks, the kids playing Dungeons & Dragons, and pretty much all the clothes from multicolored tube socks to converse, and thick, round glasses. It was especially fun watching it with my parents and having them point out clothes they wore or cars they drove. 

Stranger Things, however, is more than just a cool set and great special effects. Even just glancing at the episode titles, it’s clear the show’s creators derived a lot of inspiration from science fiction and horror cult classics such as ET, Poltergeist, and many Stephen King novels, such as Fire Starter and Lisey’s Story. 

Still, the series feels like an original. It’s creative, funny, scary, heart-breaking, and of course, thrilling. It’s one of Netflix’s finest and most well-made original series.


If you haven’t seen it yet or you’re looking for a way to view the second season, check out one of our Roku streaming devices before they’re gone!


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