An Ember in the Ashes is a book like no other. In a page-turning, all-consuming, can’t-put-it-down novel , Sabaa Tahir creates a world that seamlessly blends together a swoon-worthy love story, a dystopian society, and even throws in a bit of the supernatural.

What starts out as two storylines-one of Elias, a recently graduated martial, and one of Laia-a slave her on the run from the empire, eventually blends seamlessly into one compelling tale.

Laia’s home was just invaded by the Masks. They took her brother and killed her grandparents. Her parents are long dead after being caught and killed as rebels to the empire. Laia is on the run and catches up with the rebels to see if they could free her brother. They strike a deal and all Laia has to do is spy on the Commandant to get information. Her servitude to the Commandant is heartbreaking. Will she get enough info before getting herself killed in order to save her brother?
Elias has just graduated. His next mission is to go into the trials. He will fight to become the emperor, the emperor’s second, like his mother before him, or die trying. He hates it. He is thinking of leaving. He is so disillusioned by the empire, he just wants to desert. He is caught the night before by his mentor, Cain. Forced to go through the trials, he discovers more about himself then he thought possible.

Find out how dark and damaged Elias’ and innocent but strong Laia’s stories intertwine. Grow with them on the journey of a lifetime in this debut book.

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