We all know the story: Dorothy magically flies to Oz and saves the munchkinlanders from the tyranny of the Wicked Witch of the West. What if, though, that isn’t the whole story? What if the wonderful tale we all know and love is only a piece of the truth? What if the Wicked Witch isn’t evil, but rather just misunderstood?

Gregory MacGuire explores and reveals a whole other side of Oz…one where Animals that have consciousness and can talk fight for their rights. One where the wicked witch has not only a story, but a family, hopes, interests, and desires just like any other person.

Wicked follows the journey of Elphaba (the wicked witch) from birth, through childhood, into her university years, and beyond. Share her experiences as she is paired with Galinda as a roommate. Feel her pain as she loses her favorite teacher to a corrupt system. Rage at the unfairness of the Wizard’s rule and sympathize with Elphaba as she bravely fights against it.

A story of politics, magic, love, and more, Wicked enchants readers who love all genres in all stages of life.

What if wickedness isn’t something to be defined or hated, but rather something to be understood from another perspective and pitied? After all, aren’t a martyr and a villain the same person viewed in different ways? Decide for yourself…is Elphaba evil, or has she simply been outcast by an evil society?

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