Have you ever felt like the world you were born into isn’t the one you were meant for? If someone offered you a chance to leave that world-your family, your friends, your home- for a new beginning, would you take it?

Rose faces this very dilemma is the booeastk East by Edith Pattou. Set in the frigid fjords of Norway, Rose has always felt out of place within her mild-mannered family. Born as a replacement child for a dead sister, she has always been the one to cause trouble and stir up conflict. Besides her mannerisms, she doesn’t fit in physically with her willowy, flaxen siblings. Her dark hair and stocky body, in addition to her wild nature, make her a natural outcast. When a magical white bear offers to take her away to a mystical castle in exchange for good health for her ailing sister, Rose readily accepts. Not knowing when, or if, she will come home again, she sets off on a magical journey-one of unknown secrets and magical prowess that unfold along the way.

Rose journeys with the white bear to a faraway castle that is full of mystery-the most pressing being the identity of the bear and Rose’s purpose in staying in the castle. Rose figures out that the white bear was once a human and is now trapped in the body of an animal. It is Rose’s destiny to help revert the white bear back to his human form, but how is she to do this? Can Rose solve the mystery before it is too late? Can she save the white bear from a fate of remaining an animal forever?

A combination of the retelling of a tradition Norwegian tale East of the sun, west of the moon and the well-known French fairy tale Beauty and the Beast, in East Edith Pattou poetically weaves together an enchanting story of first love, adventure, fantasy, and self-discovery. Great for young adults and adults alike, East will enchant die-hard fantasy and fairy tale fans as well as those looking for a page-turning adventure or a story with a strong female lead. Head to the library to pick up your copy today!

Great for fans of The Golden Compass and Beauty and the Beast.

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