Self Reg
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From Goodreads, “The first parenting book to bring the science and psychology of children’s behavior together to build brain/body awareness for self-regulation and success.” Visit Goodreads for full review.

With the new school year upon us, parents and children will no doubt face the stress that often accompanies learning new routines.  Self-Reg provides strategies to help parents support their children as they navigate the many social, emotional, and academic demands.

In the book’s introduction, Shanker explains”Self-Reg” as a five-step method for recognizing when a child is over-stressed; how to identify and reduce those stressors, help the child become aware of when to do this on his or her own, and teach the child how to develop self-regulating strategies.

Shanker draws on the advances in neuroscience to shed light on why children behave as they do.  He also discusses the difference between self-regulation and self-control as well as misbehavior and stress behavior.

This is an interesting read and a valuable resource for parents and caregivers of children from birth to teen years.

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