love in lowercase
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Does love have to be underlined, bold, cursive, declaring itself in all caps?  Or can it be just as meaningful in lowercase?

Love in Lowercase is Francesc Miralles’ new translated novel.  Set in Spain, the book follows Samuel–a lonely linguistics lecturer who’s convinced the New Year has nothing to offer.  But when Mishima shows up–a stray cat looking for a bowl of milk–life suddenly gets interesting.  Especially when Mishima leads him to the woman he’s never been able to get out of his mind.

If Love and Lowercase sounds kooky…well, it is.  Some readers have compared it to The Rosie Project or even The Solitude of Prime Numbers, but honestly it’s a genre of its own.  The work is translated from Spanish, which gives it a flair already, but the characters are quirky and lovable in a whole new way.

This book is just around 200 pages, so it’s a great, easy read for a few lazy afternoons.  Give it a go.

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