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Let’s face it–January isn’t the only time we should be talking about how we need to exercise and eat healthier.  And how often do we talk about the other disciplines in life–managing money, getting enough sleep, making the most of our schedule?

In The Art of Good Habits, author Nathalie W. Herrman takes the reader through 250 pages of simple yet life-changing ways to get the foundation of our lives back on track.

Though there are plenty of “self-help” books out there, Herrman offers a bluntness that isn’t always found.  Each section asks the reader to examine himself or herself, even giving excuses that you might be using to not do your best.  “I don’t have time to eat well,” you may say.  “It will be better to deal with this on my own.”

She breaks all of these little activities into four groups–health, love, presence, and prosperity.  Master these big thoughts, she says, and the small things will become second-nature.

This book is short, sweet, and to the point, recommended for readers who feel that they struggle with some area of maintaining balance in life.  But many readers often find that things they thought they had under control could, really, be quite drastically improved.

Look, it’s May.  New Years resolutions are the furthest things from our mind.  But resources like this can make personal growth a journey, not just a single point in time.  Give it a go.


Thanks for reading! -Autumn

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