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“There are two philosophies when it comes to getting young children to sleep. There is ‘sleep training,’ which basically involves putting your kids to bed and listening to them scream all night; or there is ‘attachment parenting,’ which essentially involves lying down with your kids, cuddling them, and then listening to them scream all night.”

Thus goes comedian Jim Gaffigan’s thoughts on parenting.  His first book, Dad is Fat (the title given to him, of course, by his young daughter), chronicles the general absurdities associated with raising children…five children.

“Whenever one of my children says, ‘Goodnight, Daddy,’ I always think to myself, ‘You don’t mean that.”

Dad is Fat focuses on everything from getting your kids to eat to suffering through the same children’s book night after night.  What’s it like having five children in a two-bedroom New York apartment?  How do you reason with a toddler?  Gaffigan offers a unique take on what parenting is–and what our attitude towards it should be.

“You know what it’s like having a fourth kid? Imagine you’re drowning, then someone hands you a baby.”

I wholeheartedly recommend the audio-book version as Gaffigan is above all, of course, a comedian and performer.  He manages to make even the sleepless nights and temper tantrums come off as funny, yet he maintains the sweet tone that is necessary and familiar for those with kids.  If you’re looking for a laugh with an “aww” moment thrown in every now and then, give it a go.

Thanks for reading! -Autumn

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