From the O’Fallon Police Department:

The O’Fallon Police Department is pleased to announce we are re-instituting our Prescription Drug Drop Off Box. We will be providing this service on the first Saturday of each month from 11AM-1PM at the rear of the O’Fallon Public Safety Facility on 285 North Seven Hills Road. The collected drugs will be disposed of via incineration. This method of destruction keeps drugs from entering our water supply and removes those medications from homes where they potentially could be abused.

We will accept any expired, unwanted or unused prescription or over the counter medication you would like to dispose of.

We will NOT take: Liquids of any kind; Needles (Including Epi Pens); or Inhalers or any aerosol medications.

Drop offs will take place at the rear of the Public Safety Building on the first Saturday of the month from 11AM-1PM beginning March 5, 2016. Citizens are encouraged to drive to the back of the building where they can place their unwanted medication in a drop box. The drop box will be monitored by a Public Safety employee however the employee will not have any contact with the medication. The employee will ensure banned or prohibited items are not being placed in the drop box.

Questions can be directed to:
Lt. Kirk Brueggeman

Featured image from the Boston police department, not O’Fallon. 🙂

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