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Personality traits are as vast and varied as people themselves, but one question seems to be the defining question for really understanding a person:  introvert or extrovert?

Susan Cain, a well-renown psychologist and writer, wrote Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking in order to understand just what role introverts can and do play in society.  Especially in the United States, outgoing individuals are often seen as great assets; while true, Cain argues that the quiet, contemplative individuals in life can be just as helpful.

I picked up this book because I’m an introvert myself, and I often read a paragraph or two thinking, “Yes, that’s exactly how I feel.”  That isn’t to say that extroverts shouldn’t give it a try, though.  One of the book’s main focuses is how extroverts and introverts can compliment each other in the social and professional realm.

Quiet offers an eclectic range of information to make its case.  Readers will learn how introversion and extroversion can often be noticed from babyhood; how both types can thrive in the workplace; how parents can nurture based on their child’s specific personality.  Honestly, the best thing about this book is that it’s informative and practical.

The fact is, if you’re not an introvert, you probably love one.  And this is a great resource to help you understand just what that means.

Thanks for reading. -Autumn

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