Library News and Notes: October 8th, 2015

Diary of a Deskless Librarian: Day 82

Since the last time I wrote a blog entry, quite a few improvements have been made at the library!

Look at the new carpet! (and my shoes):


New glassed in door and wall upstairs! (and my arm):


Old windows removed:


Completed West Wing (upstairs):


And completed East Wing (upstairs, quiet room at the far end):


It’s pretty cool.

Here’s what the director had to say about the next few months of renovations:

“Work continues on the renovation of the interior of the Library. Around November 2, the Young Adult Room will become a reality. At that time the Library hopes to bring back its tween and young adult book discussion groups and also may be able to bring back some limited children’s and baby programs in the morning.”

“We are committed to staying open during the renovation so nobody loses the resources the Library has to offer. Since services are temporarily confined to such a small part of the Library it is rather noisy at times. Many of the changes we will be making will actually decrease the overall noise level in the Library. Since the second floor glassed in, conversations or children crying on the first floor can no longer be heard. After the completion of the renovation the upstairs will be the quiet area with just books stacks, and a “quiet room” where conversations will not be permitted. A small conference room will also open up on the second floor once the computers are moved to their permanent home on the first floor. The main level will house all major services including circulation, computer and reference service. The children’s department will be separated from the adult areas with low walls and acoustical tiles shaped liked trees to help absorb some of the noise. A magazine and reading room plus two study rooms will offer some quiet space on the first floor.”


New Reading Suggestion Form on

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The Deskless Librarian

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