Diary of a Desk-less Librarian: Day 17 of an estimated 49

We have some news on the renovation!  From our website:

“The mezzanine level (upstairs) is expected to be finished by August 31st. Starting at that time until the end of phase 2 of construction, we will have limited access to: Large print books, CD’s, Audiobooks.

The mezzanine being completed allows us full access to the adult non-fiction, adult fiction, and young adult collections. Once reopened, the mezzanine will only be accessible via the elevator until phase 2 is complete. The children’s area will remain open, and the circulation area will be relocated to the front of the library.

The majority of the remodel process will be completed within phase 2, including the new young adult room, computer area, and study rooms. Along with these interior changes, we’ll be receiving new windows, constructing our reading gardens, and installing the new drive-up book drop in the parking lot.

The entire construction project is expected to be finished by the end of the year, at which point we will have full access to all of the collections.”

As you can see in the video, we’ve gotten some serious work done in a very short time. Go team library!

In other news, there are still so many ways you can use your library during this transition. We have books, movies, CDs, magazines, newspapers, audiobooks, Ebooks, Eaudiobooks, databases, out-of-system requests, book clubs… I could go on.  And, with your library card, all of this awesomeness doesn’t cost you a cent. We also offer wireless internet and wireless printing.  Our computer lab is in a temporary location, but you can still use your library card to surf the web and print out documents for a nominal fee.  The library has a scanner, fax machine, and a gaggle of professional librarians to assist you with your research, education, or entertainment needs. Come and hang out with us!


Our summer reading programs wrapped up last week and the winners have been notified.  Congratulations to the winners of some epic gift cards to places like Peel, The Mansion, Sanctuary, Target, Cardinals tickets, Wehrenberg Theatres, and Dominos!


Speaking of back to school, have you seen our O’Fallon Township High School display of required summer reading books for local students?  Don’t buy them, we have them!  And if we don’t have them, we’ll order them and have them for you within a few days.  Save time, save money, and save your sanity for later in the school year.


This display is located in the small glass alcove on the lower floor.  Look at all the sparkles! The library is a magical place.

The Deskless Librarian and the rest of Adult Services has a work space just in front of this area.  If you have technical questions, research problems, or just need a sympathetic ear, we are here for you.  Until next week, happy reading!

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