Diary of a Desk-less Librarian: Day 3 of an estimated 49

Renovations have started in our library.  This has led to some expected challenges like having the computers and Adult Services relocated downstairs to a temporary desk. To say that this has disrupted the library’s “routine” is to put it mildly. Change can be difficult to handle at any point in one’s life but to have the library, usually such a bastion of order, thrown into disarray is particularly disturbing- at least for this librarian.  I’m trying to take this experience as a lesson in change rather than a necessary irritation.  The world has its seasons, the moon has its cycles, and O’Fallon Public Library is in Phase 1 of renovations.

Everyone, librarians and the public, have been dealing with the changes with dignity and grace- as we knew they would. Our public computer access has been changed from 15 machines to 6, but, thus far, everyone has been able to take care of business and personal web surfing without much disruption.  Thanks to the monumental efforts of Ryan Johnson (the Head of Adult Services) and the various city techs, printing capabilities are still operating at their usual efficiency and, in addition, wireless printing has been added to our available services.  Not only are we handling change, we are evolving!  Talk about progress.

See for yourself:

I think our biggest challenge, thus far, has been the necessary limiting of our library programming because of lack of space.  Our childrens’ librarians work in their positions because of a true passion for childrens’ education and literacy.  We may not be able to reinstate full programming until November, which, in the life of a child, is a full developmental level. Teri, the head of the Children’s Department, is working on partnering with a local bank to be able to offer a children’s story time at another location- details forthcoming. Intellectually, we all know that a renovation is required so that O’Fallon Public may continue to offer the high standard of library services that the city deserves.  Emotionally, I think that we all wish the renovations were completed yesterday.

Thanks O’Fallon for your patience during the transition.  We’re all in this together.  And I think that this librarian will manage to survive without a desk, at least for a little while.

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