This week’s article was written by Youth Services Manager, Teri Rankin. Teri has been with OFPL for thirty years! She oversees all the wonderful youth library programs we present at the library. This article originally appeared in the January 25th edition of the  O’Fallon Weekly.

Books and Artificial Intelligence 

I received a family group text this morning wanting to know if I had seen the first children’s book created using AI (Artificial Intelligence).  My son-in-law teaches creators how to use AI generative tools and has curated best practices for using these new and accessible tools.  My daughter mentioned an article she read and other family members were eager to chime in on the topic.   

The children’s book was written by a product design manager from California and an open-source AI-powered chatbot called ChatGPT.  In the article, “He used AI to Publish a Children’s Book in a Weekend. Artists Are Not Happy,” ( the author discussed the ongoing debate about the ethics of accessing AI generated art, and using the source work of artists and illustrators for profit.  In addition, some of the detractors felt the artwork for the self-published title Alice and Sparkle contained obvious flaws such as inconsistent shading and unhuman like body parts.  Many have voiced concerns over ChapGPT, not only for the generation of art but for its use by students to produce material for papers, essays, and articles. 

No matter where you stand on this debate, the cat is out of the bag and AI is here to stay.  As a side note, the library won’t be adding Alice and Sparkle to our collection! 

What’s Ahead in February  

Healthy Habits, Healthy Kids February Focus 

February celebrates all kinds of healthy habits. It is Children’s Dental Healthmonth, American Heartmonth and Youth Mental Health Awareness month. At the library we will have several activities to help promote healthy learning. 

Preschool Information Fair – Saturday, February 11, 1-3 PM 

Representatives from local preschools will be on hand to answer your questions about curriculum, fees, etc.  This is a good chance to find out about the various educational opportunities and register for next year.  This is an open house for families to attend so no registration required.  There will be refreshments and book giveaways. 

Quadricorns Book ClubFebruary 20, 4-5 PM 

It’s back!  Our Quadricorn Book Club for 9–12-year-olds was on hiatus for a short time, but it has returned!  Join Ms. Becky and the club as they explore two fantasy titles: The Keeper of the Lost Cities Book 1 and Maya and the Rising Dark.  You can choose to read one book, both books, or even part of a book. You decide what is best for your interest level and reading level.  Registration is required.

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