Recently, I was thinking about summers as a kid. My cousins and I would go to the movies at least once a week. We would watch all the summer blockbusters (that we were allowed to see). Now, there is not as much playing at the movies and my kids are used to streaming and watching DVD’s at home. While we may be going to the movies less, the library has a collection of movies on DVD that will entertain us on during these hot summer days.

With all that is available on streaming platforms you may be asking, “Does anyone watch DVD’s anymore?” Yes! In fact, DVD’s can offer more than their streaming counterparts. DVD’s often have extras like deleted scenes, theatrical cut, director’s cut, commentary tracks. These behind-the-scene features can give you so much more than streaming ever could.

Even though there are tons of movies that you can stream anytime, there is not everything. There are times when I think of a movie I want to watch with one of my kids. Then I will go to several streaming platforms and either not find it or find it but I have to pay for it. I don’t want to own the movie I just want to watch it.

There is also the issue of quality. Now, I am not someone who knows anything about DVD’s or how they work, but I do know that the screen view is just better when I watch a DVD vs streaming. According to Brian Saur of Pure Cinema Podcast, DVD’s are our last avenue to view films as close as they were meant to be seen. There is actually a campaign from film enthusiasts to keep purchasing DVD’s so they will not be fazed out. They contend that if we lose DVD’s then we will never be in control of what we watch. We will only have what streaming companies decide we should watch.

Having shared all of this I hope you and your families will come to the library and load up on DVD’s. We have a huge selection of movies in all genres. You will find an abundant selection of children’s shows in our youth services area. Our marketplace holds all of our PG to R rated movies, including tv shows, anime, binge boxes, and documentaries. If we don’t have the movie you are looking for we have over 400 libraries in the heartland system to borrow from. We are confident we can find what you want!

Here are some new DVD’s recently added to our collection:

You can find all of these movies and more in our online catalogue:

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