Now that the hustle and bustle of the holidays are behind us we can focus or re-focus on the hobbies that bring us joy.

Hobbies are usually cast aside as something of no value. They are placed in the “if you get done with the important stuff” then you can work on them category.

I disagree wholeheartedly with that way of thinking. Hobbies that we enjoy should definitely be placed in the “I will do them as often as possible” category.

With that being said I do understand that work, kids, and daily obligations are priorities. I would add that hobbies are important enough to be scheduled into your life.

I look forward to getting out my calendar and writing in pen the days and times I will set aside to scrapbook, cross-stitch, or quilt. Yes, I have many hobbies but with four children I have many obligations. This is why scheduling is so important!

Setting time to work on my hobbies makes it possible for me to relax, focus, and feel accomplished completing projects that make me happy. We all have heard the importance of taking care of ourselves and prioritizing hobbies is a way to do that.

We all have hobbies even if we think we don’t. I have friends that enjoy cleaning and organizing. Often, we put hobbies in a box and we think it has to be some type of craft. I say a hobby is anything you do consistently that brings you joy and helps you feel better in your daily life.

Still unsure? Think of something you enjoyed doing as a child or something that when you think about doing it-it makes you feel excited. There are no right hobbies there is only what you enjoy!

Here at the O’Fallon Public Library, we have many resources to help you find a new hobby or inspiration for a current one. Now, let’s get out there and relish our hobby time!

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