What type of cook are you? What do you enjoy most about being in the kitchen? How has your diet changed over the years? This is what we are exploring this month with our Cookbook Display.

Whoever you are and whatever you do, cooking is an integral part of our lives. Yes, dining out and ordering meals has become a normal part of our diet but, few people can afford to do this daily. So, we are back to cooking for ourselves. This is where cookbooks come in. The wonderful thing is, you don’t have to buy any new cookbooks, check one out here! Our new display is just a samping of what we offer. Head up to our second floor and you will find a cookbook to match whatever syle of cooking you desire.

The internet is an ever-present resource to find new recipes. However, what the internet doesn’t have is a beautiful book you can hold in your hands, and take your time reading through. I don’t know about you, but I already spend enough time staring at a screen. When following a recipe I like to look at a printed page. I consider myself an experienced family cook, considering I have been cooking for my family of 6 for many years. Even with this knowledge, I love to use a cookbook as a starting point or, a place for new ideas. Frankly, I find most cookbooks beautiful and enjoy just flipping through the pages.

Now, I understand that cooking can be a chore, and that not everyone likes being in the kitchen. But, this is exactly when to pull out a cookbook. Just follow the recipe. Then, enjoy what you have made. Do not over think it. When my family was young, and I didn’t know a lot of recipes, I just browsed cookbooks and selected a few recipes to try. I always followed the recipe exactly. Then, over time, I would adjust the ingredients to my family’s taste. Because of that, we have many family favorites that came from these early days.

Bottom line is, don’t be afraid to just choose a cookbook and try some recipes. Whether you are new to cooking or a very experienced chef there is always more to learn, and looking through our collection of cookbooks here at the library is a great place to start!

Some Cookbooks You Might Enjoy:

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