Rosalind Keith was born on December 6, 1916 in Belleville, Illinois. Little details are known about her private and professional life. However, she starred in several Columbia and Paramount films from 1934-1944. Despite her being adored for her roles in these films, she went on to become a singer after her filming days were done. She then changed her name and headlined shows at the St. Regis Maisonette in New York.

Rosalind Keith

She starred in Romance in the Rain (1934), The Glass Key (1935), Gentlemen of the Navy (1935), Poppy (1936), Westbound Mail (1937), Motor Madness (1937), A Dangerous Adventure (1937), Clipped Wings (1937), and many more.

It appears she stopped showing up in films after 1944 and focused solely on her singing career. Numerous articles talk about Keith’s successful performances. Despite little information, Rosalind Keith lived an interesting life and changed her name to Rosalind Courtright sometime after her acting career ended.

Here are some books and movies I recommend that can give you a glimpse into the decade that Keith’s career flourished in:

Going Hollywood, The 30s-It was the time of the great depression, but Hollywood came to the rescue, chasing the blues away with a cavalcade of movies and stars that has yet to be equaled. Long before the age of television, Hollywood dominated the entertainment industry with its lavish productions, luscious stars and lascivious scandals. This documentary takes a loving look back at the hoopla and hype behind tinseltown’s biggest stars of the 1930s.

Fashion of a Decade: The 1930s– Explores, through text and illustrations, how fashions and clothes reflect the social, political, and cultural climate of their time. This volume examines the role of fashion as it made its way through the Great Depression. Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, the Windsors and other social icons set the standard for idealized, if not attainable, glamour.

The 1930s– Examines lifestyles, fashion, and fads of the decade. The arts and entertainment, sports, politics, science, and medicine are also included.

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