Have you requested a copy of Animal Crossing New Horizons yet? Still not sure if this game is for you? Kasey from circulation was nice enough to give us an island tour! Check it out: 

One of the very first things I did was put up a giant Godzilla statue, just a benevolent titan to protect the new town from sea monsters and solicitors.  

My house is full of useless things. Haven’t found a TV yet, but I do have a chessboard, an hourglass, and a small tiger! His head bobbles. 

I have a room especially for coffee.  

There’s a gong so you can signal when it’s ready. 

(I found the espresso machine on Day 2 of playing. It fell out of a tree. It is my prized possession.) 

My office has a saber tooth tiger skeleton in it. For inspiration

Sometimes my neighbors all have tea time in the town square together and I don’t get invited, but it’s fine, I’m totally not bitter, it’s fine. 

We can still hang at the museum. 

Except that one of my neighbors might be a serial killer? I’m not 100% sure about his aesthetic… 

And I’m not over the Eggspocalypse, either, honestly. 
A lamp still burns. 

Oh, and Grizzly says Gay Rights.😎 

So, there’s some highlights from my island. I hope you enjoyed the tour! 😁 

Thanks for sharing Kasey!  

Did you know that Animal Crossing New Horizons recently added diving in an update? Some games get updates after release. If you borrow a copy of a game from the library, you may be prompted to update the game before playing. If you have an internet connection, go ahead and let the game update to try out all the latest features and bug fixes. If you don’t have an internet connection, you can usually launch the game anyway without updating and still enjoy the base features. 

Have you already tried Animal Crossing? What’s your favorite way to spend life on your island?


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