Oh, for the love of summer! The warm weather and getting together with friends and family for good food and drinks. New to the library we have some fun books to help you with all of your party endeavors!

One of our newest books is Batch Cocktails by Maggie Hoffman. Unlike many cookbooks that feature a drink or two as an afterthought this book is filled with only 2 quart serving sizes of refreshing drinks.

No matter what your taste is this book has you covered. From fruity, tart, or spicy there is a spirit for everyone including alcohol free recipes. So many good ideas to please any crowd. The drink I enjoyed the most from this book was Tipsy Daisy found on page 65. I like a spicy cocktail and this one had a lightly sweet flavor with a bit of a kick. The other wonderful thing about this book is all of the tips and tricks she gives on volume conversions and creating your own batch cocktails. I highly recommend this one for all of your summer entertaining!

Next on my list is Fiestas by Marcela Valladoloid. You may know the author as she is a regular on the Food Network channel. This book is delightfully simple and features only drinks, nibbles, and sweets. If you are having a casual gathering this one is for you. It’s filled with uncomplicated recipes for delicious appetizers and deserts and of course tasty cocktails.

Now for the times when you want to spend a little more time cooking and preparing for guests. For this we have Love Real Food by Kathryne Taylor. She is the creator of the popular blog Cookie and Kate. Do not let the fact that this book is filled with vegetarian favorites fool you in to thinking this book may not be for you. There is a great chapter on happy hour drinks that are paired well with all of her lets feast dinner ideas. I love a good whole food cookbook because often times I can find appetizing side dishes to pair with my lean meats or filling main dishes that I may have never thought of trying. There is also a list of sweet treats that are nutritious and satisfying.

No matter what season we are in food is an important part of how we live and entertain family and friends. I hope these books can add some new menu ideas for your summer gatherings.

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