Have you checked out our Cafe Display? The display is located across from the bubble wall and next to the coffee spot. You may not be aware that every two months this display changes. The books featured are often associated with the season. The summer would feature the O’Fallon High School summer reading list while winter would have holiday themed books and other materials under that topic. One of the wonderful things about the items chosen is that you get a particular subject all in one place. Among the books are also movies, music cd’s, audiobooks, and sometimes graphic novels.

This month we are featuring Academy Award-nominated movies that were adapted from books. Under that umbrella, we also have biographies of actors that have been nominated for their performances. Of course, we have movies and many of there soundtracks as well.  Some of these books you will know immediately such as Gone With the Wind, but some others you may not be aware were once books before they became Academy Award-nominated films, such as No Country for Old Men. You may be surprised at what has been nominated over the years.

Some books on the shelf you might enjoy:


The true story of Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughn, and Christine Darden, three African American women who played a critical role in the 1960’s space race. The adapted film was nominated for 3 Academy Awards. From the book we learn that John Glen specifically requested that Katherine Johnson review all the numbers for his Friendship 7 mission before he would agree to go through with it.

paul newman

Paul Newman and his dreamy blue eyes have captivated audiences from the start of his career in 1953. He was nominated 8 times as Best Actor and won once for the movie The Color of Money. This biography tells how he made it in Hollywood, and about his courtship with Joanne Woodward. Her first impression of him was that he was funny, pretty, and too neat!


West Side Story, also known as the modern Romeo and Juliet, has been engaging audiences since 1961. This movie was nominated for 12 Academy Awards and won 10, including Best Picture.
During the entire production, the actors wore out 200 pairs of shoes, applied more than 100 lbs of make-up, split 27 pairs of pants and performed in 30 different recording sessions.

When visiting the library next we hope that you will stop by the Cafe Display and see what we have to offer. We are always trying to think of new ways to exhibit and highlight items that you can borrow. What would you like to see on our next display?

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