Children’s Department Program Wrap-Up for October 2018

Eco Club


This month, Eco Club learned about backyard birds and how to identify common species. We listened to unique bird sounds and discussed the role birds play in keeping ecosystems healthy.

Afterward, we made upcycled bird feeders from empty pop bottles, which were painted with some awesome designs! When the painting was done, we packed up bird seed in paper pouches to fill the feeders with when they arrived home.

We’re hoping for some great backyard birding stories at the next meeting!

The November Eco Club session will focus on keeping a Nature Journal. Find out more about Eco Club here!

Homeschool Fridays


Our first Homeschool Afternoon took place on Friday, October 5th. We had a great turn-out of homeschool families!

Participants could start out playing board games, making a seasonal craft, or working with the Ozobots (small robots designed to follow a simple coding sequence).  


During the two hour event, the homeschoolers were able to explore each area or spend time doing what they liked best.

Homeschool Afternoons are informal and lots of fun. We hope you can attend the next one on December 7th!  


Science Club and Art Club

Our biweekly meetings, Science Club and Art Club, have been busy working on some exciting projects!

art club

Science Club explored the skeletal structure, learning about bones, muscles, tendons, and ligaments, then crafted an articulated cardboard hand to mimic movements.

art club1

Art Club got messy with paint when we made glue batik printing. After exploring the ancient practice of batik printing around the world, we created designs on fabric and traced them with glue. When it dried, we painted over the designs. When the glue is washed away, it reveals the creative and creepy designs– just in time for Halloween!

Find out more about Science Club here and Art Club here!

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