OF WeeklyLibrary Director Molly Scanlan reported in this week’s O’Fallon Weekly column that nearly 250 people attended the Book Walk last Friday evening. This was the last official event for the Summer Reading Program.

“Over 1,200 kids and adults participated in this year’s program making it one of the busiest ever,”  Molly said. If you or your children earned any prizes, they can be picked up through July 22.

Kid's YogaBaby classes will resume in mid-August, Molly said, and the Library still has plenty of programs for all ages on the calendar.  For example, Yoga Play led by certified Yoga Instructor, Edna Jeffries for kids 6-10 years old began yesterday July 18.  Registration is required for the 45-minute class that will continue each Wednesday through August 8 at 10:30 AM.  Parents can learn more, register, and download the waiver on our websitethriving.png

Thriving After Fifty workshop will be held on July 26 at 6 pm.  Attend this informative (and entertaining – remember, games should be fun!) workshop and restore your enthusiasm for an active and purposeful lifestyle. You won’t be guilted or told what to do, but you will learn from your instructor’s experiences and encouraged to create your own plan.  You can sign up on our website.

A Cake Pop Workshop will be presented July 31 at 6 pm.  Cake pops are tiny candy-coated confections made of crumbled cake mixed with frosting that you can mold into different shapes and decorate for any occasion. They are super sweet, extremely moist, and completely covered in candy coating. In this workshop, you’ll find easy instructions that will help you master methods for creating these unique sweet treats. Get ready to impress your friends, family, and even yourself!

cakepops.jpgThe instructions are based on using a ready-made cake from a cake mix and a can of frosting. This is a great way to achieve consistent and predictable results. We will go over the texture of crumbled cake and good ratios for frosting to cake, along with candy coating melting instructions, and how to dip your cake bites. We will go over sprinkles and different decorative add-ons, like candies and food items.   For this class, you will need a ready-made cake, a can of frosting, candy coating, and lollipop sticks (optional).  This event is for the whole family, and you can RSVP on our website.

Visit our online calendar to learn about more events that are sure to entertain and teach.

As always, you can read “Library News & Notes” each Wednesday in the O’Fallon Weekly.


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