Did you know that having an O’Fallon Public Library card provides access to a wide range of online test-preparation resources including practice for the SAT, PSAT, and ACT?

SATIf your teenager is planning on attending college for the first time, it is likely that the score on the SAT or ACT will not only influence acceptance into a school but will likely play a role in determining the amount of  financial aid or scholarship.

Some students may qualify for a waiver to cover the test registration fees; even so,  it is important to study beforehand.  In fact, some students take the test more than once in order to improve their scores.  The good news is, that with an O’Fallon Public Library card, students can study for the SAT and ACT,  but we also provide test preparation for the PSAT, college placement exams such as ACCUPLACER and COMPASS, as well as graduate school admission exams including GRE, GMAT, and LSAT to name a few.test

According to the Federal Student Aid website, “Most community colleges have open enrollment and don’t require standardized test scores. However, they will usually require placement tests. SAT or ACT scores may exempt you from placement tests. If you want to enroll in a selective program at a community college (nursing, computer science, law enforcement), then standardized test scores may be required. Later, if you transfer from a community college to a university or another school, test scores may be required.

The first step is to visit the OFPL College Center page either by clicking on the link on our homepage (see picture below) or through this link.


College Center


From the College Center page, parents and students can access the College Prep Center, Federal Student Aid Resources, or the SAT website.

College Center Screen Shot

Usually, colleges will specify if they require either the ACT or the SAT.  Students should talk with college admissions officers and high school guidance counselors to determine which test to take.

After clicking on the link for “College Prep Center,” register on the Learning Express site with a valid email and create a password.

LOGIN test prep


Once you do that, click to indicate you are entering your O’Fallon library card number (no spaces). Then, click “Create Account.”

login with ofpl card


In addition to the test practice, students and parents can learn specific information about each test through the Course Introduction section.  


Preparing for tests such as the SAT or ACT is important not only for acceptance into the school and for determining scholarship awards, but the results can also impact the student’s choice of major.   Generally, the minimum score accepted by a school depends on the program of study the student chooses.  For example in 2017, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign  accepted freshmen into these two programs with different expectations:

College of Engineering College of Applied Health Sciences
ACT Score: 31-34


SAT Score (no writing): 1420-1520

 ACT Score: 24-30


SAT Score (no writing): 1200-1400

 TOEFL: 107-113


GPA: 3.67-4.00

 TOEFL: 97-106


GPA: 3.30-3.80

Fortunately, the O’Fallon library has resources available to support teens and their parents  prepare for life after high school graduation.  The College Preparation Center can be accessed from any computer at any time of day.  With eBooks, video tutorials, and skills review options, students can gain confidence and knowledge needed to perform to the best of their ability.

For more information feel free to drop by Adult Services Help Desk, or call (618) 632-3783, ext. 1.

Happy Studying!

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